You are in charge of your social media feeds

Fed-up of seeing irrelevant content?
Our social media manager Adam Powney shares how to see the right stuff on your feed. 

Phone with lots of social media icons

You are in charge of your social media feeds

Some would disagree.  

Social media platforms make money on your attention. That’s a fact. These platforms also want you to stay on theirs for as long as possible. Why? Because they can make money on that. Seen ‘The Social Dilemma’? It’s all in there. Before you say “you’re just going on what they’ve said in the documentary”, I’ve known this for a long time. It’s my job to know how they work as a Social Media Manager.  

Money and business aside, if you look at your feed it’s based on a few things: 

  • Your follows 

  • What content you engage with 

  • How long you spend looking at the content 

  • Your habits on the platform 

  • Who is targeting YOU with their ads.  

There are other factors, but these are the main ones I take into consideration. 

I often use the phrase “You are in charge of your social media feeds” because you are. If you want to see more sport on your feed, you’ll follow more sporting account. If you want to see more celeb gossip, you’ll follow more magazines, celebs and entertainment profiles. Don’t like what you see? Do the opposite. Unfollow the accounts that you don’t wish to see anymore. It’s more than just follows as I’ve alluded to previously. 

The content you engage with and how long you spend looking at it makes a huge difference. Let's take Instagram as an example, as I did a little experiment recently and it worked. Let’s explore that.  

Increasingly, I was seeing random content from “influencers” and profiles that add ZERO value to my life. Who will add value to my life? That’s my approach. My explore page didn’t resemble this. Despite the profiles I followed and the hashtags I followed too, most were houseplants, the content didn’t reflect this. Instagram was trying to be too clever, I reckon.   

Therefore, I started to change what I saw. I searched more valuable profiles, hashtags and spent longer looking at their content. I did this for a good 30-60 mins. You know what's crazy? Within four hours, my feed had started to change almost fully, getting rid of the images I didn't want to see. 

Let's go to my social media platform of choice, Twitter. I often hear "Twitter is just full of hate and keyboard warriors". Yes, that has been the case, but you don’t have to see that or let it influence your use on the platform. Simple tactics limit or remove this negativity. Unfollow, block and follow more valuable profiles. 

Another tool that is underused is the "See less often" option on most platforms. We see ads on the platforms, that's just how it is at the moment. However, you have some sort of say in which ones you want to see. Hit the [...] then [See less often] and there you have it.  

I suppose this was a long way to say "If you don't like what you see, change it".