What skills are essential in the creative job market?

My name is Emily and for two weeks I have been working with BFBS to experience work in a creative job.

Coming fresh out of university, I was unsure of how I’d be able to apply my skills.

In my time with BFBS, I’ve been able to get a better idea of what skills might be required.

So, I have come up with some tips about what skills you’ll need to use when entering the creative jobs market.

Emily headshot

1) Adaptability

The skill that has been most valuable to me has been my ability to adapt.

When working with a variety of clients I needed to be able to change my writing styles for each task. It’s great to be able to apply so many different parts of my creativity.

I found it interesting developing my voice while reflecting on the values and messages of BFBS. As I was writing content I reminded myself of what I’d like to see in a piece. This helped me to understand what might grab attention and make a lasting impact.

2) Communication

Secondly, working in a creative job also requires good communication within a team. I have been lucky enough to work alongside lots of talented people.

Although at first it was daunting to put my work out there, it has really helped me to develop my skills. Creativity is subjective and not everyone will have the same visions, so it’s important to have an open discussion and take onboard different views.

Listening to everyone’s input meant I could improve my own ideas.

Additionally, I witnessed how keeping good communications with clients can make your job much easier to complete.

If you are able to discuss openly you are more likely to receive the information you need to produce good content for them.



3) Time Management

The last valuable skill for me to use was good time management skills.

Making a list of tasks I needed to complete helped me to break things down. It made sure my tasks seemed manageable and stopped them from becoming overwhelming.

It also helped me break up my day and spread the workload.


Most importantly, I now realise how much you need to believe in your own ability. It’s okay not to get everything right the first time and your creativity is always expanding.