Recruiting Gen-Z

Understanding the Expectations of 18 – 25-Year-Olds Interested in a Career in Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths (STEM)

At DSEI General Sir Patrick Sanders said he needs ‘more Qs than 007'. In other words, people with technical skills rather than ‘traditional’ combat skills.

The ability to carry out cyber warfare, understanding how to code, or engineering new technologies is a recurring theme in the Integrated Review.

But our Armed Forces arguably face an uphill battle – competing against the likes of Google, Apple, and Facebook to hire those with STEM skills.

And it’s not just STEM skills changing what the armed forces need. All three services are committed to making their forces more diverse to reflect the society they serve. And quite right – but an ambition they have not yet met.

So how can the armed forces hire more young people with STEM skills? And not just STEM skills – more women, more people from ethnic minorities.

We set out to help answer the question.

BFBS Creative have been working with the armed forces for many years to help them recruit. We’ve run campaigns, produced videos, and arguably most importantly – helped them understand their target audiences.

We teamed up with our data partner Priestley to answer a specific question – what are the attitudes of 18-25 year olds interested in a career in STEM? And what do they think or know about the armed forces?


The results are fascinating. Please download our report and let us know if you’d like any more information.

You’ll find out -

  • Which company tops all the charts for this audience when it comes to dream employer
  • Which ethnic minority has the most positive perception of a career in the armed forces
  • What parts of the armed forces lifestyle are least appealing to young people

We stand ready to help you recruit from this audience and help build the future armed forces the country needs.

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